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Welcome to

We have an incredible collection of over 10,000 limericks for kids and adults (and a few for sheep). We are sure you will find many limericks to amuse and delight - ones that will make you laugh and make you cry. So get clicking . . . and if you write your own limericks send them to the webmaster if you wish them published on

Limericks Famous
If you are not sure what limericks you are looking for, or are simply wishing to increase your knowledge on limericks then why not check out our random limericks selections - with these you will be able to quickly scan through a large selection of funny, sad, romantic and friendship limericks to find those that interest you.

This weeks featured Limericks are . . .

Old Man of Thermopyle

by Edward Lear

There was an old man of Thermopylę,
Who never did anything properly;
But they said, 'If you choose, To boil eggs in your shoes,
You shall never remain in Thermopylę.'

Smell All The Flowers

by Margaret Kollmer

A President with far-reaching powers
Loved jogging in sunshine and showers
Whilst still in his prime
He made sure that he'd time
To stop and to smell all the Flowers.

Tomorrow I Dread

by Thomas Hardy

If tomorrow never came
Nothing would be the same
But I would not be grateful
Rather, sorrowful
For something I was so anxious of?

Where is my logic.
What has happened to rational thinking.
I am sinking
I convince myself that tomorrow
The day I hate
Is going to be great


Secrets Look

by Herbert Nehrlich

In the cold near the stormy Atlantic
stands a cottage that looks quite romantic.
And the man who's inside,
he has something to hide.
And his secrets look rather pedantic.

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